Custom Shower Doors

Amazing look, great functionality

Big strides have been made today when it comes to bathroom design. One of the biggest additions to any bathroom is the showers. Jack's Glass Services' shower doors have become an elegant addition to many bathrooms of our clients in Houston FM 1960 area. A shower can be added to just about any location and is constructed from beautiful tiles and glass blocks that provide a pleasant retreat from the daily routines we all experience. Along with these fantastic showers come custom glass doors. Jack's Glass' custom glass doors help to give the shower a great finishing touch while benefitting the shower in several different ways. Not only do they provide great benefits but also great functionality.

Frameless Custom Shower Doors

Frameless custom glass shower doors will provide you with a more open feel. You will not feel like you are confined inside a small shower much like you would in the showers of the past. In the past, most showers were made of tub and shower combinations that used sliding showers doors that hung from tracks. These sliding doors were hard to operate and always seemed be covered with soap scum and build up. Frameless custom glass doors will be easier to operate as well as keep clean. With the openness of these doors you will not cover up the beauty of the tiles work and other great shower fixtures keeping your shower the focus and showcase of your bath.

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Tough and Beautiful

Frameless custom shower doors are also much stronger than your typical shower doors offerings. These doors offer you a look of elegance with the great quality of toughness. Standard shower doors range from 3/8” to ½” in thickness. This will provide your shower with doors that are rigid and will last for years to come. Frameless glass shower doors are made completely of glass. They do not need frames to support their weight. These doors operate universally by opening and shutting on hinges. This will eliminate any type of track and other hardware that would get in the way as well as take away from the elegant look of your shower.

A question that you may ask as a Houston homeowner when you start considering frameless shower doors is whether the glass is safe if the edges aren't hidden by a protective frame barrier. Frameless glass edges are filed down to a smooth surface that presents no danger to anyone climbing in or out of your shower. And since glass showers are made of tempered glass they are also very difficult to break or shatter. Glass shower doors are much safer than the shower doors from the past. Glass doors can be used in any design situation. These doors can be circular, oval, or triangular allowing you to add the doors to any type of shower design.

Jack's Glass - Your One Stop Shop for Custom Shower Doors

Consider adding frameless shower door to upgrade your shower proving you with the look of elegance that will enhance any bathroom. Contact Jack's Glass - your local contractor in the FM 1960 area to have your frameless custom glass doors measured and custom designed for your showers and baths. Make your shower standout from the rest.